Amazon’s New Anti Astroturfing Algorithm Epic Fail

Astroturf and Spam Infographic.jpg

Amazon’s New Anti Astroturfing Algorithm Epic Fail – Consumers are being Bamboozled, Here’s How

Last spring Amazon announced that it had developed a new system to combat fake reviews and fine tune it’s rating system by giving more weight to verified purchased reviews.

So recently while reviewing Arctic Silver 5 Product review pages we came across this users profile highlighted here in this video and was stunned by the sheer audacity of it all, 800+ products reviewed in one day (Dec. 5) and all 5 star,on the sample of 10 we reviewed all were verified purchases.

Video stops on Dec 3 But follows with another 800 plus , This is an algorithmic hole you could float an oil tanker through. Amazon perhaps instead of suing people posting fake reviews should maybe look in their own backyard and start with the companies buying them, I can name 800 of the bat.

Initial Impression Verified purchases which are given greater weight by the new algorithm are not a screen as to whethera review is a real or a qualified review.New algorithm design intent is not to screen for fake reviews but rather to “fog” and/or obscure the
rating system process to seduce consumers into buying products on Amazon.With 87 billion in annual sales this would be a  considerable distortion of the retail market withconsumers being taken advantage of by the  massive deception.Following are a few more examples to illustrate just how common a practice


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