The Internet Is A Cesspool

Let’s talk about the internet shall we, the internet was and is meant to be amongst many things an instantly accessible repository of information, platform from which to exchange ideas and trade both economically as well as intellectually.

This however is not entirely the case, you see the internet is greatest platform for propaganda aka astroturfing and it’s wide instantaneous dissemination aka as spam,in the history of humanity

YES astroturfing has always been there known by different names but never to the massive and ubiquitous manner that is in existence and practice as it is in modern times

I usually insert this graphic on top of my posts but I feel it necessary to insert it just below in order for you the reader to grasp not only the illustration of what astroturf,astroturfing and spam are and how they work but for you to wake up and realize the degree by which  you are being manipulated by the internet

Astroturf and Spam Infographic.jpg
This is how Facebook,Youtube,Amazon and nearly all political and media websites manipulate you and strip you of your cash dignity and critical thinking skills!

So now, lets have a look at Facebook and how it contributes to astroturf and spam and how it’s basically rotting your mind whilst dictating your behaviour,robbing you of your individuality,privacy and collecting your data in order to sell it to corporations and political parties candidates and social cause activists alike oh and did I mention picking your pockets,  just so you can be astroturfed and spammed??!!

See, with facebook being such an ubiquitous hub for international connections both social and commercial the company collects data of billions of people on an hourly basis then collates and sells the info to everyone from companies manufacturing cola to governments and everything in between they call it direct marketing but the reality is they are astroturfing and spamming you every minute

It is ironic that the company actively suppresses and discourages proper and natural sharing and influencing on an organic level

By way of example say you have 300 friends but you actually only interact with just 10 and say you have started your own business and you want to announce it to the world in the hope of getting customers well once you post it on your page only the 10 people you interact with will be reached unless of course you pay Facebook to advertise it  and then it will depending on how much you pay distribute your posts wherever you want them to this whilst collecting data and astroturfing your business

Which brings us to page one of the worlds biggest search engine the big G and the big F are so intrinsically woven together, that enough posts on the big F will result in your business ranking on page one of the big G’s search results

Now if you have looked at and studied the graphic above you will agree that this is astroturfing and spam and how astroturfers and spammers exploit algorithms it is through algorithms after all that bothe the big F and G function

so let’s go back to our old pals cooling paste dynamos Arctic Silver

arctic silver Google Search


Screen grab perfectly illustrates our point and our point being is this:

The page one result here shows nothing really substantive about the product and primarily composed of “where to buy” links – basically  free Google adverts (AKA Spam) and is a composition/result of all the techniques applied in the Dirty Aide of Internet Marketing Infographic noted above to manipulate the final page One result

The Internet IS The BIGGEST ASTROTURFING cesspool in the universe and if that doesn’t alarm you it should as it is only a matter of time before it ALL goes horribly wrong

Updated 11/12/15


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