Terminology,Methodology And Description Of Spamming In Action Part 2 Of A Series Of 3


Astroturf and Spam Infographic.jpg

To recap here are the definitions on the various types of spam and how they work

  • 1 ) Organic Spam this is basically a rather innocuous  form of spam and happens when robots crawl the net and gather information. You might see some of this happening when one types “cookie” in the search engine and results for double chocolate chip dough comes up
  • 2) E-mail spam which is the most common and known
  • 3) “piggybacking” which is intended not to sell a product but improve search engine ranking
  • 4)Citation spamming . This is the illegitimate or improper use of citations, footnotes or references. Citation spamming is a form of search engine optimization or promotion that typically involves the repeated insertion of a particular citation or reference in multiple articles by a single contributor. Often these are added not to verify article content but rather to populate numerous articles with a particular citation. Variations of citation spamming include the removal of multiple valid sources and statements in an article in favor of a single, typically questionable or low-value, web source. Citation spamming is a subtle form of spam and should not be confused with legitimate good-faith additions intended to verify article content.


Once again we conducted an associative search  here are some graphic examples this time we decided to use “wedding dress” just to illustrate the scope and magnitude of Astroturf and  Spam:

First the search results for the Japanese company


Shin Etsu G751 wedding dress Google Search


Now, for Arctic Silver 5:

arctic silver wedding dress Google Search

We actually clicked on a few links at random as part of our associative search results and here is what we found:

tattoos for the beauty of the body vanessa hudgens hair up

wedding dress


i43sag Результаты поиска для Arctic Silver

This might be funny in humourous way if it weren’t so huge in scope and so prevalent we also clicked on numerous other links and we were directed to a 404 page not found:

Free Hosting in UK with PHP and MySQL Website Builder No Ads

I am guessing that one technique used is just creating multiple websites and domain names for the sole purpose of Astroturf and Spam we will be looking into this further in the next article of not how Artic Silver 5 rendered over 26,000 results

Of note both companies manufacture thermal paste and accessory products but one uses aggressive astroturfing and spam and the other does not  can you tell the difference yet?

can you see a pattern or a series of patterns emerging now?

can you see the difference in the two companies and which one is using Astroturf and Spam techniques and which one  isn’t?

please explain to me what does Artic Silver have to do with erectile dysfunction:

Again Japanese company ( and remember they are a chemical company with a large range of products not just thermal paste)

shin etsu g751 erectile dysfunction Google Search


Arctic Silver 5:

arctic silver 5 erectile dysfunction Google Search


We once again clicked on a link and were directed here:

Erectile dysfunction what is normal uyalafa.zedi0.com

Pretty miraculous thermal paste if it can treat erectile disfunction and be a coolant for computers ……no?

Updated 08/26/2015


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