Search Engine Spam Results Table


Astroturf and Spam Infographic.jpg

To fully appreciate the full scope of  spam  we put this table together and generated and identified a million spam posts & results within 5 minutes

So, if we were to do some math the potentiality of this reaching the tens of millions for just a single product is very real and frightening especially if you consider that a dangerous product could eventually go to market unchecked!

By performing an exact search with Arctic Silver 5 and in conjunction with an exact search with random topics in this case it was public figures and popular films and  we also included one of the worlds oldest religious institutions

you can see our results in the table below once again the results uncovered that a “rival” manufacturer who is an established chemical company  established in 1928 had dramatically less and fewer spam results

Search Engine Spam Results Table
Arctic Silver 5 Search Returns Shin Etsu G751 BiasTest
Lady gaga 414,000 109
Ernest Hemingway 20,400 0
Hillary Clinton 1,630 108
Sarah Palin 1,080 6
Obama 45,200 18
Ronald Reagan 1,960 6
Harry Potter 46,700 6
Taylor Swift 17,800 2
Star Wars 254,000 10
London Tube 1,010 0
Kim Kardashian 5,100 3
Catholic Church 5,090 4
Game Of Thrones 34,900 0

Although some of the spam were Amazon affiliate,the majority of what we observed on our sample was NON Amazon affiliate

Note to replicate this yourself insert the product name in quotes then add a random topic. Example “Arctic Silver 5” “Lady Gaga” Be sure to use a new search window and empty out the old data cache each time

Updated 08/26/2015


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