Amazon Astroturfers Running Amok! Or Going Full Retard on Fiverr and Amazon

Astroturf and Spam Infographic.jpg

Earlier this week I posted about the American MSM finally acknowledging and addressing the topic of Amazon fake and paid reviews and referenced part 4 of the article series Cracking The Code On Amazon Fake Reviews

I am now going to poke some fun at a few screen shots I found on another blog called starlingsnestblog,which I have found to be genuine  their URL if you care to have a look and check them out:

Alright and now for some fun and games!

First up the I am such a loser that I have to place ads on Craigslist:


C’mon are you so full on retard that you can’t work out the maths and think you are going to make any money for $5 or £5  woah!! full retard here!

Buy_Negative_Amazon_Reviews_ Example

Now,this one is a gem Astroturfer for hire will “assassinate” your competitors and bad mouth,rubbish and attack your foes on social media!

What kind of spineless slimy retarded corporation or individual stoop to this sub human cultural wasteland level of STUPIDITY! wow!

Fivver_astroturfing_Example_1325_ offers_for_Fake _Reviews

Wholesale astroturfing and spam with over 1300 categories including SEO and “Social Marketing” all for $5

Clearly “Social Marketing” is the new term for annoying little sales losers ( think telemarketers)

Just how many of these SEO /Marketing firms and or social justice charities hire these losers in volume and how many of these losers actually think they are gainfully employed!!?? or advancing some social/political cause via keyboard warrior activism for hire!!!??

Do the math stupid!


Oh look they even have their own Facebook groups as if Facebook wasn’t only a massive waste of time but one of the most egregious and aggressive direct “marketing” spam outlets on the web!

Once again…………… Retards!


Has the U.S. economy stagnated this much and sank so low?

Yes! yes it has and it’s Heart breaking I have written adnauseum as to how certain aspects of ecommerce actually contribute to a declining job market I understand people need to do what they have to during hard times but this takes the biscuit!

Last but NOT least:


So now the reviewers are hiring reviewers to review the reviews of the reviewers so they can get better reviews so they can review more reviews!

When does it ever End? this is absolutely FULL retard and I have now lost all faith and hope in humanity!

End of!




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