Cracking The Code On Amazon Fake Reviews Part 4


Astroturf and Spam Infographic.jpg

Looks like the MSM is finally catching on!

We published this series back in August!

In this instalment of our report series we will expose some of the methods used by backlinks,Black hat SEOs and Astroturf and Spam agents from Amazon to quite possibly Arctic Silver affiliate product astroturf and spam


We conducted a special secret  deep cover search and investigation and we discovered an actual for hire backlink, astroturf and spam operation/website that not only clearly validates my claims from a previous article regarding an underground “black” economy, sheds light on how ubiquitous astroturf, astroturfing and spam really are and well some of it is quite funny just have a look at the images below and you’ll get the picture ( pun intended )

Welcome to Botting World

Botting World s F.A.Q. You should read this


Below, what about all that Amazon,Arctic Silver affiliate astroturf and spam?

A special look into the reactions regarding the Amazon lawsuits

Amazon sues to block fake reviews



Amazon sues to block fake reviews yo nigga Page 2


What about this below? could this be how  affiliates and backlinks manage to get such hi rankings?


Amazon Reviewers Banned








Google to cut ad fraud Hitleap mentioned as an example

Now, for a hot smoking gun, this illustrates how to achieve not only a guaranteed first page ranking on the biggest search engine in the world but how to have your product mentioned on irrelevant pages on page 14 of the search engine just like good ole Arctic Silver

How to easily bypass Google and reach position one for any keyword using the Blackhat 301 redirect method Agent Blackhat SEO Blog

Updated 10 /22/2015.


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