Terminology,Methodology And Description Of Spamming In Action Part 3 Of A Series Of 3


Astroturf and Spam Infographic.jpg

In this 3rd part of our three part series  we will now focus on aggressive spam and astroturf

Some techniques used in aggressive spam and astroturf include buying domain names and dedicating a whole domain /website to spam and astroturf  one of the reasons this technique is so popular is that it’s relatively cheap,quick and easy and incredibly efficient in raising search engine ranking and optimization

Below you will find  a few graphic examples we collected recently

Arctic silver 5 walmart

As you can see above, in my opinion this has all the hallmarks of  an aggressive campaign in this instance could  the obvious message here be you can buy Arctic Silver at Walmart? I can only imagine that a high level retailer like Walmart would have issue with this sort of activity in “advertising”


another two examples one clearly showing the purposeful misspelling

of the product to to insure a higher ranking in a website that is meant to be a portal for the re sale of automobiles :

Arctic Silver 5 Mobil JBMOBIL.com


Artic Silver Mobil JBMOBIL.com


To further illustrate the magnitude of this modern phenomena

we give you the never ending spammy whammy website we called it this for it seems to have no end and it’s ALL spammy content where you can find everything from marital aids to the latest smart phones to

cameras to the latest gaming consoles and everything in between including thermal cooling paste

Of note we spent fifteen minutes on the site and it would keep loading content of literally thousands of products


Updated 08/26/2015


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